LAR Publication Fee Assistance

Most researchers pay the publication fee from their research grants, which are awarded to defray all research-related expenses, including publication expenses. Additionally, many institutions and departments have funds or policies to pay for or to reimburse publication fees. The publication fee structure in LAR journals is so minimal that even if authors do not have any of the aforementioned funding sources, they can still pay the fees with their personal resources. If no funding is available and an authors is incapable of paying the fee personally, we will assist the author in paying the publication fee.

It is our promise that no high-quality articles will be left unpublished with us because of the author's inablitiy to pay the publication fee. This is how we put reserch value first in our publishing principles.

We believe that scarcity of funds to pay the publication fee should not be a challenge to publishing good research work in open access journals. To this end, LAR provides two types of publication fee assistance for eligible articles.

  1. Institutional Fee Package
  2. Direct Assistance for Publication Fee (APF)

Institutional Fee Package

LAR institutional program allows authors belonging to a participating institution to publish their articles in LAR journals at a reduced fee. Participating institutions can administer the payment on behalf of their authors. Alternatively, authors can claim the reduced fee privilege directly from LAR if their institutions are affiliated with the LAR program. The corresponding author must be affiliated with a participating institution of the LAR program.

Direct Assistance for Publication Fee (APF)

Direct Assistance for Publication Fee is a partial or full waiver of the publication fee for eligible articles. This assistance is granted and provided by LAR upon receiving the application from the authors and its subsequent evaluation by LAR. Authors should email their application to Alternatively, printed applications can be sent through fax to +1 647 849 1030

Applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility criteria for Direct Assistance for Publication Fee

  1. Articles must be rated outstanding in the final feedback from peer review process
  2. Author’s (or, any co-author’s) affiliating institution does not provide funding for article publication
  3. Author (or, all co-authors) needs to demonstrate financial inability to pay the fee

Essential Information for APF

  • Because of limited availability of funds, authors are suggested to try their best for all possible sources of fund before applying for publication fee assistance (APF). Direct assistance for publication fee should be treated as the last resort for this purpose.
  • Authors need to provide documents/confirmation e-mail (through mail, fax or, e-mail) form affiliating institutions in support of eligibility criterion II, and statement for demonstrating financial inability to pay the publication fee. Co-authors, if any, also need to provide these documents/statements.LAR may contact affiliating institutions to get information about their funding policy.
  • Application and all the supporting statements should be sent together immediately after getting the final decision from peer review process.
  • Articles granted for APF, will be published in online and print versions. However, authors will not get the complimentary copy of the printed version.
  • Applications for publication fee assistance are independently processed by LAR, and all personal information is kept confidential in line with our privacy policy.

Publication Fee Assistance FAQ

Can I get the assistance for publication fee (APF)?

Fee assistance is provided when all the three criteria are meet. Please check the eligibility criteria for publication fee assistance. You can confirm your eligibility as soon as you get the final decision from peer review process.

When should I apply for APF?

You should apply for PFA immediately after getting final decision from the editorial board.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

You can send your application package, i.e. application and supporting statements, through e-mail (preferred), fax or mail. E-mail:,  Fax: +1 647 849 1030  Mailing Address: LAR Centre Press, (Attn: APF Committee), 9450 SW Gemini Drive, Unit #45050, Beaverton, OR 97008, United States.

How long it may take to process the application?

It takes 7 to 10 days to complete the processing of an application.

Will the application affect publication of my article?

No, it will not affect publication of your article. APF is granted for outstanding articles only, and our highest priority is to disseminate best research works.

Who should I contact for information about my application?

You can get the status of your application by contacting

Are all applications granted for APF?

We evaluate author's need for financial assistance from the information provided by authors and collected by our committee. An application is granted only when the article is rated outstanding, author's affiliating institution does not provide funding for such publication and author is not in a position to pay the fee. Applications that do not reasonably demonstrate financial assistance may not be accepted.