Why to Choose LAR Journals

At LAR, we are committed to rigorous peer-reviewing and originality testing, managing independently by expert academics, working closely with distinguished scholars around the world and sponsoring outstanding research papers when funding is not available.

We Strive to Bring Out the Best works

On the one hand, there have been times and places where academics have wanted to publish as much as possible regardless of the quality of their works. On the other hand, there have been outlets that seek to publish as much as possible, regardless of the quality of submissions and without enough screening by expert scholars.

At LAR, we apply multi-level control procedures to bring out the quality articles, and restrict the number of publications to those most deserving. The control procedures include a two-level evaluation of submissions – initially by a member of the editorial team and, if the article passes, then by two anonymous external experts; limiting the maximum number of articles in a single issue and supervising journal management by an independent advisory body.

We Help Authors to Improve and Publish Their Research Works

Organizing a research article and writing in standard academic English are additional painstaking aspects of research publication. While some publishers will unequivocally reject an article with quality research because of its poor design or language, we will inform an author about the weak areas of an article and provide suggestions to overcome these issues before rejecting it for review. This helps authors to improve their article’s quality and get their research published, even if they eventually choose to go with other publishers.

We Have Removed Traditional Barriers to Open Access System

The framework of open access publishing necessitates charging authors a publication fee to offset the operating costs associated with running the organization and paying the employees. However, old-fashioned operating process, motivation to generate profit or inefficient management has set this fee high enough for researchers to find it a major challenge in publishing their research work.

We have made open access affordable to researchers by charging the lowest possible fee for publication. We continue to improve our journal management procedures in order to keep the operational costs down, allowing us to charge a minimal publication fee in the industry.

In addition, our dedicated editorial teams and advanced journal management system enable LAR journals to reduce time lag in the peer review process, a common barrier that still exists in the open access industry.

We Work With Expert Academics Around the World

We work with academics and experts around the world and consider every valuable suggestion in our constant effort to enrich our publishing methodology. Editorial teams of our journals are comprised of experts from different institutions around the world. This diversity provides access and insight into some of the most important research fields and institutions, and partnering with this echelon of academics means that our users are accessing crucial, cutting-edge research in their respective fields.

We are Open Access

LAR is open access, the revolutionary approach to communicating research. We make research articles freely accessible to everyone from every corner of the globe. No subscription or registration – individual or institutional – is required to read, download, print, redistribute, or cite any of the content of our publications. This is how we ensure maximum dissemination of academic resources, and researchers can create the maximum reverberations with their research works.