Join LAR Editorial Boards

We welcome expert researchers and academics to our journals’ editorial boards in an effort to help the journals stand out from the crowd. Editors play a crucial role in LAR journals, like other peer-reviewed journals, by guiding and leading the journals, and thereby ensuring the integrity of scholarly publication.

Interested academics and researchers are requested to contact the managing editors of respective journals to get involved with LAR editorial boards.

Contact information is available in the section Contact LAR Journals.

Responsibilities, Liabilities and Benifits

Positions on editorial boards are not contractual and do not carry any liability unless otherwise mentioned in the appointment letter. However, these positions recognize an ongoing association with the journal, and prospective members must provide consent to conform to the ethical standards of LAR. Below are the major roles expected from a memeber of the editorial board. Please contact the managing editor of a journal for any query about editorial positions.

  1. Promote the journal to the relevant community
  2. Review manuscripts occasionally
  3. Publish article in the LAR journal the editor works with
  4. Suggest and cooperate to extend the reputation of the journal
  5. Advise on setting the strategy for journal operation

Serving on the editorial board of a LAR journal is a voluntary contribution to the journal and the discipline. LAR acknowledges its great appreciation to all the members of the editorial board. Editors' names will be enlisted on the journal website and on the printed version of the journal issues.

Additionally, editors can publish their articles in LAR journals without paying the publication fee. LAR sponsors the publication fee for  the editorial board members.