Publication fee

Publication Fee

Reading, downloading, reprinting, reusing, and/or redistributing published articles from our journal websites is always free for everyone everywhere. In line with the framework of open access, we charge authors or institutions on behalf of the authors a small publication fee for accepted articles after completion of the peer-review process.

The subscription fee is charged only for the print version of journal copies. No fee is required for online copies.

Fee Schedule for LAR Journals

Publication fees vary from $200 to $300 depending on journals, and changes periodically depending on journal operating costs. Publication fee is payable only upon acceptance of articles after completing peer-review. Please consult "Author Fees" section (About > Submissions > Author Fees) on a journal website to see the current fee schedule of the journal.

Publication Fee FAQ

What is publication fee?

Open access publishers offset their publication related costs by charging a fee for article publication. This fee varies from $200 to $3000 per article in open access publishing industry. LAR charges publication fee between $200 and $300 for each accepted article.

Who is responsible to pay the fee?

Although the publication fee can be paid by anyone, the authors of the submitted article are responsible for paying the publication fee.

When is the payment due?

Publication fee is due after the article is accepted by the editorial team through the peer review process.

Is there any arrangement for fee waiver?

Yes, LAR offers publication fee assistance for eligible authors. Please check the Publication Fee Assistance section.

Does the fee covers one printed copy of the published issue?

No. Starting from January 2015, publication fee covers only online publication. To get printed copies of the journal issue, authors need to pay additional price of $30 for each printed copy.

Whom should I contact for more information about publication fee?

For more information about publication fee, please visit the journal website or write us at

Subscription Fee

The subscription fee applies only to printed copies of the journals; unrestricted access to published issues is available on each journal’s web page.

Institutions, libraries, and individuals should contact the publication department ( for journal subscription. Journal subscriptions are available in biannual and annual packages. Below are the subscription prices for an individual journal.

Biannual Package (6 issues)               $270 + Applicable Tax

Annual Package (12 issues)                $500 + Aplicable Tax


Fee Payment

Pay by Cards (Debit or Credit) through PayPal

Payments by credit or debit cards are processed by PayPal, the secured and trusted payment processing platform. You need to log into your account on the journal website to pay by using credit or debit cards. However, you will be transferred to PayPal website for secured payment processing.

Only Publication fee can be paid through journal account.

Pay by Certified Cheques, Bank Draft or Money Gram:

                   Recipient: LAR Centre Press