Why should researchers choose open access platform?

“Open access truly expands shared knowledge across scientific fields — it is the best path for accelerating multi-disciplinary breakthroughs in research." Open Letter to the US Congress signed by Nobel Prize winners

Wider Exposure and Increased Citation:

Publishingin open access journals instead ofin toll-access journals can help open up research to a wider audience by allowing readers free access and right to redistribute published article. Increased number of readers results an increased number of citations for the author. Studies have shown a significant increase in citations when articles are made openly available.

Authors Retain Copyright

Copyright includes the bundle of rights authors have on their works. Transferring copyright to a publisher limits authors’ ability to disseminate the work. By retaining the copyright, authors can exercise all of their rights over their works.Copyright is one of the most important issue a researcher needs to think about in publishing valuable research works.

Unlike traditional toll-access journals, open access journals do not acquire copyright of articles from authors, who retain full right on their articles.Some toll-access journals find this freely acquired copyright a mean of revenue generation for the life time of the journal. Research works, conducted by the researchers and sponsored in most cases from public fund, become a revenue (and profit as well for commercial publishers) generating tool for toll-access journals. In open access channel, authors keep full copyright with them and provide the publishers to publish their articles under creative commons license.

Maximize benefit of valuable research work

Easy access to research works helps researchers of those fields across the world get benefitted and explore further on those issues. Therefore, open access eventually maximizes the benefit of a research work, and such benefit is not restricted to people of a specific region.

Comply with funding criteria

More and more funding institutions of research projects are requiring that research outputs be made available on an Open Access basis. Publishing research works in an open access journal complies with such criterion of research grants.