Join as an Author

Being an author of a scientific paper is the building bock of a scientific career and a way to recognition. Publishing an article with LAR journals is completed with few easy steps starting with selecting the appropriate journal for the article. Below is the flow chart of the steps in publishing with LAR journals.

Select the Right Journal

Consult the journal list to see the journals' aims and scope. Find the journal that covers the areas of your your article. If you are are confused between two journals, please consult the managing editor of either journal. In many cases, articles are immediately rejected because of unsuitable submission.

Prepare the Article Before Submission

Articles must be prepared in line with the suggested guidelines of the journals. Manuscript preparation guideline varies depending on the journals. Authors are recommended to visit the journal website to see the recommended guideline. All journals recommend APA referencing style for both in-text references and the reference list.

Register and Submit

Once the article is ready to submit, register on the journal website as an author. It is extremely important to check the box beside "Author" for the query "Register As" at the time of registration. Authors will not be able to submit articles unless they select the option for authors. If you forgot to check the option for author, you need to change your profile by logging into your journal account.

Submit your article by following the option for new submission which becomes available when you are logged in. Carefully follow the on screen instructions in submission process. You will receive an email notification once the article is successfully submitted.

If you find any difficulty in online submission process, please send your article to the editor through email attachement.

You can check the status of your article by logging into your account, and clicking on the title of your article.

Revise and Upload

The editor of your article will send you the review report as soon as the peer-review process is completed. Carefully read the review reports and address the concerns raised by the reviewers. Revise your article and upload it with a separate explanation file for the issues mentioned in the review report. The editor will contact you if further revise is needed.

Decision and Proofread

 After completion of the peer review process, and if no more changes are required for the article, the editor of your article will communicate the decision made on your article. If your article is accepted for publication, you need to do the following things:

  1. Get the latest version of your article and complete proofreading for the article. Once done, upload the article to the journal system from your account. If you find difficulty in uploading process, send it to the editor through email attachment.
  2. Pay the required publication fee for your article.

Publish and Share

The article will be published online shortly after submitting the final version and completing the payment for publication fee. The printed version will be available when the respective issue is published.

You can share your article as soon as it is published online on the journal website. You can promote your article by presenting it in a conference, sharing on personal or institutional websites, independent repositories, or in social media. Your article can be read, downloaded, printed or distributed without any prior permission under the terms and conditions of Creatie Commons Attribution License.